We are one Jaime Molina

Humanity has done what no other species on the face of this Earth has done; they have transformed a world once wrapped in wilderness to a place cut cold from concrete, where on each and every corner of existence lies the fetid footprint of man, ever growing in its insatiable hunger. As a consequence, our species has severed a once close-connection to the environment, creating a whirlwind of uninhibited destruction on the biodiversity of this planet, with species disappearing at a rate unimaginable but all too real. Despite this, numerous individuals across the globe retain an affinity with Mother Nature, dedicating their lives to planting palisades against the ever-increasing tide of environmental destruction.

Although each day we edge ever toward the precipice of no return, the public is slowly beginning to step back. With the help of social media platforms, the movement towards an attitude of concern as opposed to callousness is growing; today more care about preserving the natural world than ever.  Taking this notion of nurture that we are starting to foster, I sought to show the relationship that one holds with wildlife. Using intimate portraits of captive animals that are currently under protection due to dedicated conservation efforts, I then merged them onto a variety of human faces, merging the two to one. This unification of man and nature I hope to resonate through this project; a note I hope sings true to the souls of those who choose to view it, for as Edward Abbey said, ‘Wilderness is not a luxury, but a necessity’, and it is time we began to view it as such.